Scam alert: Breakfast host Daniel Faitaua speaks out against Bitcoin swindle using his name

Source: 1News

Breakfast new presenter Daniel Faitaua has never invested in Bitcoin - any website saying otherwise is perpetuating a scam.

That was the warning the TVNZ host felt compelled to deliver on the programme this morning, after multiple websites have been discovered promoting a purported Breakfast interview that never took place.

The articles, on websites that masquerade as legitimate news outlets, appear to target vulnerable internet users with "absolutely no investing and technology experience".

"I just want you to stop for a second. Wherever you are, just stop," Faitaua said on air this morning before describing how his image and fabricated quotes were used without his permission or knowledge. "It is fake news, and whatever you call it, it is not true. It is a scam.

"So if you see these stories, ignore them. If you do click on them, never, never give away any of your details or any of your money."

The articles suggest Faitaua invested $250 live on air while interviewing a young investor and nearly doubled his profit in minutes.

"Everyone on the show including the production staff were immediately impressed by how easy it was to make money," the fraudulent article suggested.

In one post, the farcical reporter claimed to have invested for herself for purposes of the story and made enough money for an overseas holiday, adding: "I may even quit my job!"

It ends with a "comments section" consisting of fabricated Facebook posts that, when clicked on, take the reader to the investment company's website.

Faitaua today used his address on air to thank those who have written in to warn him about the swindle.

"Please don't fall for this scam," he reiterated. "Don't fall for it at all."

Host Jack Tame took the warning a step further.

"Never, ever take investing advice from Daniel either," he said, invoking laughter and lightening the mood for a moment before reiterating the serious message: "Please do not give any of your financial details away."

The same Bitcoin swindle has previously used images and fake quotes from Breakfast host Hayley Holt.