'Everyone is getting ripped' - concert promoter lays into Viagogo as Aussie musicians demand action

Source: 1News

Australia has only just caught up calls for banning ticket resale company Viagogo, says local music promoter Brent Eccles.

Musicians and promoters are calling for a ban on the company, around two years after their Kiwi counterparts launched similar action here, Mr Eccles said. 

“Finally Australia has caught on, they’re behind us, we started about two years ago talking to the minister about it and they were very receptive to the Viagogo problem,” he told Breakfast.

“The Commerce Commission has taken action.”

The platform Viagogo, is popular with scalpers who buy lots of tickets to an event and then on-sell them for a much greater price, giving the company a cut.

It's facing legal action in New Zealand from the Commerce Commission , which says it's breached the Fair Trading Act.

Groups including New Zealand Rugby, Eventfinda, Ticketmaster, and iTicket have held a meeting in Auckland earlier this year to discuss shared steps in combatting reselling issues.

“Everyone loses, the promoters, the musicians lose money and the punters pay too much, everyone is getting ripped,” Mr Eccles said.

"If you're unsuspecting you'll pay an awful lot of money for a ticket that you shouldn't be."

Viagogo also resells tickets for sports events.