Ireland claim first ever home win over All Blacks with Dublin masterclass

Source: 1News

Relive 1 NEWS NOW's live coverage of this clash between the All Blacks and Ireland from Aviva Stadium, Dublin.

9:56am: FULLTIME - All Blacks 9 Ireland 16

Ireland lineout, All Blacks steal. Mo'unga's clearance is touched by Ireland, All Blacks lineout.

Into the final minute, the All Blacks slowly moving forward. Barrett goes wide to Ben Smith on the right, but Ireland's defence holding. The All Blacks can only draw now. All Blacks into the 15th phase. Barrett tries to run through. The ball goes back to Retallick and it's game over!

Ireland take a famous win!!!

9:54am: 79 mins - All Blacks 9 Ireland 16

Again Mo'unga kicks from the next lineout. Ireland's turn for a lineout, and this time they win it. McGrath kicks to the air, Ben Smith contests with Stockdale and the All Blacks have an advantage for knock on.

All Blacks scrum. Perenara feeds, huge pressure on Mo'unga at first receiver. Ireland with huge defence at the moment, Goodhue kicks over the top, Ireland nearly undone by the bounce before Ringrose gets it.

9:48am: 74 mins - All Blacks 9 Ireland 16

The All Blacks pinned back inside their own 22. Kieran Read loses the ball, Ben Smith tries to tidy up but is forced into touch by Sexton and Stockdale.

Matt Todd comes on. 

9:44am: 72 mins - All Blacks 9 Ireland 16

Ireland have a lineout, Sam Whitelock steals it. The All Blacks go wide to Ioane who can't break through. Stander does well to win a turnover and a penalty for Ireland though.

9:41am: 69 mins - All Blacks 9 Ireland 16

Penalty!  Coles throws, Ireland snatch it. Bundee Aki knocks on though, Kearney comes off now, another hero if Ireland are to win this.

All Blacks scrum. Perenara feeds, the ball goes out the back to Mo'unga at first receiver. Advantage for the All Blacks after a high tackle, Ben Smith loses the ball in the tackle we'll go back for the penalty. 

The All Blacks want the points though, Barrett keeps kicking duties over Mo'unga. The kick is good, the Irish lead cut to just seven.

9:37am: 66 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 16

Respite for the All Blacks as O'Mahony is subbed off. Jordie Murphy his replacement. Sexton kicks to the air and Ben Smith takes it, he's tackled but Ireland give away a penalty, Bundee Aki offside. All Blacks lineout.

Lienert-Brown takes the ball into the tackle from the lineout. Barrett breaks through, but his offload is snatched by Kearney. Ireland clear. Another All Blacks lineout.

9:33am: 64 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 16

Peter O'Mahony saves a certain try, getting to Beauden Barrett's kick through for Ben Smith. Ryan Crotty goes off, Anton Lienert-Brown comes on.

All Blacks lineout, Coles throws, Scott Barrett takes. Lienert-Brown bumps off Sexton with his first touch of the ball as the All Blacks look for some front foot ball. Perenara goes wide to Ioane, who has three players on him. The All Blacks go wide to the right with Goodhue, but he's tackled. Ireland get over the top of the ball - O'Mahony the hero, what a game he's having!

9:30am: 61 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 16

Coles' throw is taken by Ireland, who charge forward. Ardie Savea steals the ball and puts a kick through, Kearney gets there first, and ground the ball safely.

9:27am: 59 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 16

Barnes says Ringrose threw a forward pass to Stockdale. Smith goes off, Perenara comes on. The pass looked fine, shocker from the ref.

All Blacks scrum. Perenara feeds, he gets the ball back from Read and kicks through for Barrett. Ireland get there first, Marmion clears into touch. All Blacks lineout.

9:25am: 57 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 16

Damian McKenzie goes off, Richie Mo'unga comes on. Beauden Barrett to fullback.

All Blacks lineout, Coles throws and Ioane breaks, he looks for Aaron Smith, but he can't get there. Wayne Barnes calls knock-on.

Ireland scrum.

9:22am: 56 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 16

Ireland with a lineout in the corner, but Dane Coles wins it. The All Blacks go wide to McKenzie on the right wing, who kicks over the top. Ireland get to the ball first, Sexton clears the ball but Barrett takes in the air. Both sides trading kicks at the moment, as Barrett goes to the air, Kearney wins it. 

This time Ireland want to run. They get through 10 phases before Marmion kicks over the top. McKenzie spills the take and Kearney claims it. Sexton hits a gap and Ireland then try to go to the other wing. The All Blacks turn the ball over and Barrett clears, but Ireland get a touch and attack all over again. 

Sexton with another high ball, Rieko Ioane takes it but is tackled in the air by Kearney - both players stay down as the All Blacks have a penalty. What a passage of play!

9:14am: 50 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 16

TRY!!! Brilliant from Ireland! The lineout sees Bundee Aki switch to the blindside with Stockdale. The winger kicks over the top, and he's in a foot race with Aaron Smith. Stockdale wins it, and dives over for the first try of the match!

Sexton with the kick, and he's got it! Ireland lead by 10!

9:12am: 48 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 9

Kieran Read can't hang on to a charge down against Stockdale, Ireland have a scrum. Dane Coles preparing to come on.

Marmion feeds, but the All Blacks turn it over! Goodhue hits the Ireland line after a short ball from Crotty. Aaron Smith goes wide to Savea, who gets to the 22, but O'Mahony wins the penalty for Ireland!

The All Blacks change their entire front row.

9:08am: 44 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 9 

Ireland have a scrum after a double knock-on. Marmion feeds and Ireland run. O'Mahony is smashed in the tackle and knocks on. The All Blacks will have a scrum now.

Barrett kicks straight to Kearney from the back of the scrum and Ireland charge once more. Sexton puts the bomb up and McKenzie defuses.

9:04am: 41 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 9

Sexton kicks off, and the second half is underway!


The All Blacks are back out on the field. Kieran Read has returned, but Matt Todd has been warming up right through the halftime interval.

Huge cheers for Ireland as the re-emerge - 40 minutes away from a famous win.

8:49am: HALFTIME - All Blacks 6 Ireland 9

Another Ireland scrum, Marmion feeds with time all but up in the first half. Stander runs, before Healy kicks into touch to bring a try-less first half to a close.

8:47am: 39 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 9

Penalty!  Ireland scrum. Marmion feeds. Ireland have the advatage with Tu'inukuafe coming up. Sexton kicks for Stockdale, but McKenzie wins the ball in the air, but we'll go back for the scrum penalty.

They want the lineout instead of the points. Best throws, O'Mahony claims. Ireland want to drive from the lineout, but the All Blacks bring it down.

The All Blacks give away advantage for offside. Sexton goes wide to Earls, Retallick smashes him and we'll go back for another penalty. Kieran Read is warned that the next penalty will be a card. Ireland want to take the three though?!

Sexton adds the points.

8:40am: 36 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 6

Liam Squire looks like he's struggling here. It appears to be an issue with his right knee. Scott Barrett coming on to play on the blind side of the scrum.

Meanwhile Ardie Savea has won a penalty for the All Blacks right in front of his own posts. Barrett goes big with the boot and we'll have a lineout just inside the All Blacks half. Taylor throws, Read claims.

Aaron Smith kicks, but Stockdale does well to hold the ball and Ireland charge once more! They go through 10 phases as they approach the 10m line. Ryan drives forward, before Sexton goes to the backs. Ireland have the advantage and the penalty after the All Blacks knock on.

Kieran Read is staying down, this looks bad.

8:34am: 31 mins - All Blacks 6 Ireland 6

Drop goal!  The All Blacks starting to open up now as Barrett and Whitelock combine in the Irish half. McKenzie tries to find a gap but is tackled. Barnes has the arm out for the All Blacks - and Barrett slots another drop kick! Scores level once again!

8:31am: 28 mins - All Blacks 3 Ireland 6

Penalty!  Marmion feeds and Ireland have the advantage from the scrum. Sexton with a chip over the top, and everyone scrambles! Kearney claims the try, and we'll check with the TMO. On field decision is try from Wayne Barnes.

No foul play in the air from the All Blacks, but has Kearney knocked it on before grounding? He has! No try, but Ireland have the penalty.

This time they want the points. Sexton with the shot at goal from right in front, no issue with this as Ireland regain the lead.

8:28am: 26 mins - All Blacks 3 Ireland 3

Best throws, Ireland win another lineout, advantage Ireland though, Sam Whitelock called for offside. Sexton kicks to the corner and Ireland will have another lineout right on the All Blacks' tryline.

Best throws, Toner claims. Ireland look to drive. Aki has a go, before Stander tries to surge over, but the All Blacks have held the ball up. Ben Smith the try saver!

Ireland with a five-metre scrum.

8:25am: 23 mins - All Blacks 3 Ireland 3

Ireland have a lineout after Barrett stabs a kick through down into the 22. Best throws, and Toner claims. Marmion clears from a box kick. Stockdale looks to have gotten there first, but he's knocked it on. All Blacks scrum. 

Smith feeds (after a reset ordered by Wayne Barnes), and Barrett finds Crotty in midfield. The All Blacks charge forward. Barrett looks for a kick through to Ioane, but Ireland knock the ball on trying to claim. Crotty has another go, this time from wide on the right.

Barrett knocks on and Ireland have the ball. They want to run now, but Squire takes out Stander with a high shot. Ireland go for the lineout.

8:20am: 18 mins - All Blacks 3 Ireland 3

Penalty!  Ireland moving the ball at serious speed as Stockdale hits the line. Rory Best loses the ball and the All Blacks can counter!

Ben Smith chips over the top, Stockdale claims it, but Goodhue and McKenzie win a penalty! Barrett and Read opt to have a shot at goal.

First kick of the night for Beauden, and again Dublin goes silent. He belts the ball through the posts. Scores level.

8:16am: 15 mins - All Blacks 0 Ireland 3

The All Blacks on the attack now as Crotty carries the ball towards Ireland's 22. Codie Taylor makes good ground before Barrett cuts back infield. McKenzie finds Ben Smith, but Ireland's defence is solid again. McKenzie goes wide to Ioane, but Marmion makes a brilliant tackle on the wing.

Retallick loses the ball and Ireland look to counter! Wayne Barnes blows for the penalty, says Sam Whitelock didn't release in the tackle. Retallick has stayed down for the All Blacks.

8:12am: 12 mins - All Blacks 0 Ireland 3

Penalty!  Best throws and Ireland win. Aki has the first crack before going down. Ireland look to spread the ball. Ringrose goes blind and Ireland have a chance before Goodhue makes a vital tackle. The referee has the arm out against the All Blacks, Ireland through 10 phases.

Aki finds O'Mahony but the All Blacks defend well. Wayne Barnes blows for the penalty though, will Ireland take the points?

They will, Sexton lines up the kick. Silence engulfs Dublin as Sexton bangs the ball through the uprights. Ireland lead.

8:09am: 8 mins - All Blacks 0 Ireland 0

Ireland lineout, and they go to the backs straight away. Squire smashes Sexton at first receiver. Ringrose runs at the All Blacks before Ireland look to shift the ball.

Rory Best runs up the middle before being tackled. The All Blacks give away a penalty though, Brodie Retallick called for offside. Ireland want the lineout.

8:07am: 5 mins - All Blacks 0 Ireland 0

Ben Smith tries an up and under, but Owen Franks of all people ends up with the ball. Beauden Barrett looks for Ioane with a kick over the top. Kearney gets there first and takes the ball into touch. All Blacks lineout.

Taylor throws, Squire takes. Crotty hits the line at first receiver, but Ireland's line speed has the All Blacks under pressure. Read has a go before being tackled. Whitelock with the next run, Goodhue the next. Read has another go before McKenzie runs at the line. Read has a third crack but Ireland hold.

CJ Stander forces a penalty, great defence from Ireland.

8:03am: 2 mins - All Blacks 0 Ireland 0

The All Blacks have the ball on halfway and look for some front foot ball into Irish territory. Barrett goes to the sky, and McKenzie contests with Kearney. Ireland have the ball inside their own half now, and look to go forward.

Marmion clears straight to Beauden Barrett.

8:01am: KICK OFF - All Blacks 0 Ireland 0

Here we go! Beauden Barrett goes deep with the kick off an we're underway in Dublin!


It's Kapa o pango from the All Blacks, they are seriously fired up for this one. The Irish crowd are loving it, Rieko Ioane right up the front for the All Blacks, as Ireland move towards the haka.

Kick off just moments away.


It's worth noting that Bundee Aki sung every word of the Irish anthem, and now he'll face the haka for the very first time.


Huge passion from the Irish during their anthem. Remember, they've never actually beaten the All Blacks at home.


Both sides are out on the park, side by side out of the tunnel. Fireworks and drums go off, as do the 52,000 fans in attendance.


Good morning! What a treat we're in for today, with the world's two best sides lining up against each other in Dublin. Kick off around half an hour away as the Ireland faithful slowly pack in to Aviva Stadium.


After a nervy 16-15 over England last weekend, the All Blacks have travelled west, now taking on world number two Ireland in easily the most exciting match up of 2018.

The last time these two sides met, the All Blacks came away winners 21-9, however, Joe Schmidt's Ireland had managed a famous win over New Zealand in Chicago the week before.

Steve Hansen has had as close to a full squad to pick from after the victory over England, with Sonny Bill Williams the only casualty, ruled out with a shoulder injury. The more than capable Ryan Crotty steps in to partner the young Jack Goodhue in the midfield.

Elsewhere for the All Blacks, Sam Whitelock and Brodie Retallick start their 50th Test match together, a New Zealand record, while Aaron Smith overtakes Justin Marshall as our most capped halfback.

Meanwhile Ireland's chances have taken a serious blow, with star halfback Conor Murray ruled out, however, be sure to keep an eye on former Chiefs centre Bundee Aki.


All Blacks:  15. Damian McKenzie, 14. Ben Smith, 13. Jack Goodhue, 12. Ryan Crotty, 11. Rieko Ioane, 10. Beauden Barrett, 9. Aaron Smith, 8. Kieran Read (c), 7. Ardie Savea, 6. Liam Squire, 5. Brodie Retallick, 4. Sam Whitelock, 3. Owen Franks, 2. Codie Taylor, 1. Karl Tu'inukuafe.

Reserves : 16. Dane Coles, 17. Ofa Tuungafasi, 18. Nepo Laulala, 19. Scott Barrett, 20. Matt Todd, 21. TJ Perenara, 22. Richie Mo'unga, 23. Anton Lienert-Brown.

Ireland : 15. Rob Kearney, 14. Keith Earls, 13. Garry Ringrose, 12. Bundee Aki, 11. Jacob Stockdale, 10. Jonathan Sexton, 9. Kieran Marmion, 8. CJ Stander, 7. Josh van der Flier, 6. Peter O'Mahony, 5. James Ryan, 4. Devin Toner, 3. Tadhg Furlong, 2. Rory Best (c), 1. Cian Healy.

Reserves : 16. Sean Cronin, 17. Jack McGrath, 18. Andrew Porter, 19. Iain Henderson, 20. Jordi Murphy, 21. Luke McGrath, 22. Joey Carbery, 23. Jordan Larmour.