Watch: Simon Bridges slams Government's '153rd working group' after fair pay announcement

Source: 1News

Simon Bridges has slammed what he calls the Government’s "153rd working group" after a new working group was announced by Jacinda Ardern to look into fair pay today.

The Government previously set up a working group to develop a fair pay framework which are scheduled to deliver their report in November.

Mr Bridges was quick to attack the announcement when asked about it by 1 NEWS shortly after it was made.

"I don't think there is anything here for business, basically what we got is more talk, more slogans and there 153rd working group," the National Party leader said.

He went on to say the Government isn't addressing the real concerns of businesses.

"Fundamentally when you look at what business is concerned about it's industrial reform and a huge number of working groups and the like creating uncertainty,

"Effectively what the Prime Minister said is they're going to boil the frog more slowly, but they're still going to boil it," Mr Bridges said.

This morning, Ms Ardern described fair pay agreements, which establish minimum terms and conditions across industries, as the source of "a bit of discussion" for the business community.

"Going slowly on their design to make sure we get it right, has left a bit of a vacuum. That is why I am confirming today that there will be no more than one or two fair pay agreements concluded during this term."