Spark says 5G network launching in 2020 will be 1000 times the speed of 4G - for the same cost

Source: 1News

Spark says new 5G mobile and wireless broadband should begin rolling out to customers by 2020.

Most wireless data is currently delivered via the 4G network, but Spark said today in a briefing that once 5G and suitable radio spectrums are available they will switch from expanded 4G to implementing 5G.

More data can be delivered for less money over the 5G network, they said, and speeds as high as 1000 times current 4G rates will be available for similar costs.

An 8GB HD movie over the 4G network would take about 7 minutes at average speeds, Spark said, while the same movie over the 5G network would be streamed in less than 10 seconds.

"We have already conducted successful trials and we will launch our 5G Innovation Lab in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter Innovation Precinct in late 2018 that will allow companies to test and develop applications over a pre-commercial 5G network," Spark said.

It is expected that the first 5G-capable smartphones will begin to be sold throughout next year.

Large population centres like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are likely to receive the service first, which is due to spectrum availability, Spark said.

Spark said 5G will be instrumental in the implementation of technology like autonomous cars, instant translation, IOT (smart devices like fridges, door locks, bike locks etc) and more.