'Nobody is comfortable' with NZ having worst homelessness record in OECD - Finance Minister

Source: 1News

A move to measure well-being, alongside GDP, will "paint a full picture" of the success of New Zealand, says Finance Minister Grant Robertson. 

Grant Robertson told the Debt Capital Markets Summit this morning that he wants to see Kiwis, "no matter where they live, given the opportunity to flourish". 

"GDP alone does not paint a full picture of New Zealanders' wellbeing or living standards," he told the audience. 

He was asked if it was a "hard-sell" to the business community, to put emphasis on measuring well-being alongside GDP. 

"No, not really," he answered. "My interactions with business have shown me that actually they want to see a wider set of success measures."

"Business people are members of society and nobody is comfortable if the OECD is telling us we've got the world's worst homelessness. 

"We will still measure and use GDP, but we'll have a much wider range of success measures for the country. 

He did not think it related to business confidence. "Those surveys are sentiment surveys and some of that I acknowledge in the speech." 

During the speech, Mr Robertson spoke about developing infrastructure, transitioning New Zealand to a "sustainable economy" and for the desire for an "inclusive economy"

The Government will deliver its Wellbeing Budget next year. Success measures will include the state of New Zealand's health, the environment, and the connectivity of communities.