Should the Queen get a Nobel Peace Prize for her brand of 'quiet diplomacy?' Two opposing arguments lined up

Source: 1News

Arguments for and against the nomination of Queen Elizabeth II for a Nobel Peace Prize have been laid out by Kiwi pro and anti-Monarchy groups.

Speaking this morning on TVNZ 1's Breakfast, Peter Hamilton of New Zealand Republic and Dr Sean Palmer of Monarchy New Zealand expressed their views on putting the Queen forward for the prestigious accolade.

Dr Palmer said she "contributes in a number of ways" to the advancement of peace by creating an environment - in the Commonwealth - where countries can communicate with each other.

"The sort of quiet diplomacy she has engaged with for a very long time," Dr Palmer said.

"She has been able to build relationships between countries ... she doesn't direct, them she doesn't order - them but she builds an environment where they can communicate with each other."

Mr Hamilton said he doesn't think the potential nomination is a "PR stunt" for the monarchy, but that "the Nobel Peace Prize is the wrong way" for the Queen to be recognised.

The deadline for nominations this year passed on February 1 and there are 329 nominees - the winner will be announced in October.