President Trump considering re-joining CPTPP trade agreement but Jacinda Ardern says re-inclusion of US 'wouldn't be straight forward'

Source: 1News

US President Donal Trump says he is considering re-joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade agreement.

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Mr Trump says he is directing his advisors to look into the possibility of re-signing the deal in a bid to protect the agricultural sector which could be affected by a trade war with China.

Mr Trump withdrew from the then TPP in January 2017.

Speaking today to 1 NEWS Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says if the US decides to re-join it "wouldn't be straight forward".

"The United States, if they chose to re-enter the CPTPP it wouldn't just be a straight forward matter of slotting into that existing agreement – there would be another process".

The deal was signed in March by twelve Pacific countries including New Zealand.

Earlier today a spokesman for New Zealand's Trade Minister David Parker says: "We are aware of the media reports and our trade reps ... but New Zealand is the official depository under CPTPP and we are yet to receive anything official".