NZ athletes to potentially deal with coldest-ever Winter Olympics

Source: 1News

Four days out from the start of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and experts are picking it could be the coldest Games on record.

Nearly half of the New Zealand team has arrived at the base in South Korea.

The 2018 Games may be the coldest in history, the record currently belongs to the Norway Games in 1994 where it got down to minus 11 degrees.

On Monday morning Pyeongchang reached negative 18 degrees.

It presents a few challenges for the New Zealand advance team with the NZ chef de mission Peter Wardell saying one issue that needs to be addressed is that the stairwells need to be cleaned.

"It all immediately turned to ice so they then had to remove the ice which caused a few ructions and it was difficult walking up and down the stairs," said Wardell.

Eight of the 21 Kiwi athletes are now on the ground, settling into life in the athlete’s village.