'He took off across the paddock in his undies': Farmer with house on faultline reacts to staffer who bolted when house moved 6m

Source: 1News

When a South Island farm house in Clarence, in Marlborough started sliding off its foundations, during this morning's terrifying 7.5 earthquake, a farm hand in bed bolted straight for the door in his undies.

Who could blame him.

The severe quake that struck near Culverden was so violent, it moved the house, located roughly about 32km north-east of Kaikoura, by about six metres.

That's according to the farmer who grew up in the house, which his family has owned for the past 40 years.

"Our farmhand Scott was here, he was in the house... lucky he hadn't gone to sleep. The bank gave way and he took off across the paddock in his undies, but he's fine," said farmer Hamish Murray.

He said the moon was oddly and incredibly bright last night, so he and his family could see the scope of the damage caused by the earthquake during the night.

The farmer told 1 NEWS the home was built on the Alpine faultline.

His family was well-aware that a severe quake would have a significant impact on the home and their land.

The property is owned by Richard and Sue Murray.

Hamish told 1 NEWS he was just hoping it wouldn't hit during his lifetime.

"But it has, and now we can't do anything about it, we just have to rebuild," he said.

His spirits weren't damp about it all. He and his family had a barbecue bacon and egg breakfast today.

"I'm not feeling too bad, it's just the enormity of it, and the time it will take to rebuild."