Gloriavale school closes temporarily pending abuse investigation

Ryan Boswell
Source: 1News

Gloriavale Christian School has been temporarily closed pending an investigation into allegations of abuse.


The West Coast commune has been at the centre of accusations of sexual and physical abuse for decades, with police and Oranga Tamariki carrying out multiple investigations and laying several charges.

Sources have told 1News that parents at the commune were instructed to home school their children on Wednesday morning.

It’s understood police are carrying out an investigation into abuse at the school, and the principal and several teachers have stood down.

There are now only two teachers at the school, who are now responsible for tutoring up to 200 students.

A source said the leadership recognised it was unworkable so have closed the school for now.

Nancy Bell from the Ministry of Education said they are working with the school "while they develop plans to reopen and understand this will be on Monday".

Teachers were stood down about a year ago pending another investigation but were reinstated.

Gloriavale’s leadership has not responded to requests for comment.