Toni Street details hubby's disastrous dog trim on Breakfast

Source: Breakfast

Toni Street has revealed more details of her hubby's disastrous dog trim on Breakfast this morning.

It comes as the popular radio and TV host posted a series of images of the DIY cut on her Instagram page yesterday.

The post has more than 800 comments and 3000 likes as people marvelled at the botched canine clipping attempt.

Street appeared on Breakfast Wednesday morning to reveal more about husband Matt France's effort.

"I never thought he would be good," she told Matty McLean.

"He got me at a weak moment. I was actually sick in bed that day. I got this call and he said, 'don't look at Bear yet.'

"The moment he said that, I went straight out and looked at him and I could not believe my eyes, and at that point he was three-quarters shorn."

Street explained how France tried to mend his errors, but only made things worse.

"He wanted to get under the matting and then once he'd done one strip, he felt like he had to even out the rest of the body.

"I would have stopped at that point. And I think part of it was, 'let's save money so we don't have to get it done every five weeks.'

"Well, I tell you what, he's probably spent a year's worth of hair cuts on all of the pampering things he's now had to do to make up for it.

"Mackenzie, my seven-year-old said, 'dad, you are a monster!'"

Check out the Breakfast interview in the video above.