Fair Go viewer rescues two victims of elaborate container scam

Hadyn Jones
Source: Fair Go

Adam Norman was working at home when his wife shouted for him to come into the lounge and watch Fair Go.

"She said come quick, you'll want to see this" said Norman.

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Norman's wife was watching a story highlighting the plight of Rotorua's Heather Brake who paid $12,000 for two containers that never showed up, and Kat and Wayne Davis who paid $5,000 for an identical fate.

Norman, who owns Morrinsville container company, Container Works, immediately emailed Fair Go offered $15,000 worth of new containers for both Heather Brake, Kat and Wayne Bavis.

"We're in the industry to and it's sad to see someone taking advantage of good people and we want to try and correct it," said Norman.

Norman went with Fair Go to give the good news and for once, Wayne was lost for words.

"That's just so good ... thank you so much ... certainly didn't expect this out of it."

The scammer used the fake company Contdex Containers. Since Fair Go aired their concerns about the scam, its Facebook page has disappeared, then reappeared and their website is still running.

Christchurch Police say they have a person of interest but are still trying to locate the suspect.