Dunedin bus driver loses 25kg in exercise routine

Source: 1News

A Dunedin bus driver has lost 25kg from his now-viral onboard workouts.

Vishal Pabby, who is often joined on the road by his Pomeranian puppy DJ, decided to weave exercise into his bus driving shifts after realising how long he was sitting for each day.

“I never ever realised that I have gained a lot of weight because the main task of this job is sitting.”

Now, whenever the bus has stopped, or he takes a break, he uses the time to squeeze in a workout.

“I try to maintain 200 push ups, 200 squats spread out the whole day… and around 800 to 1000 rope skips,” Pabby said.

“I can literally feel and see a lot of differences, positive differences, in my wellbeing.”

His creative workouts have gathered attention on TikTok, gained the approval of management, and have even reached his family in India.

"Every morning I wake up, and I feel 'OK, another day, let's do it!'"

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