Lorde shares 'painful' experience of releasing album

Wilson Longhurst
Source: 1News

A year since announcing the release of her third studio album Solar Power, Lorde has released a new music video.

The music video for The Path is the sixth from Lorde's album Solar Power.

It accompanies the album’s first track The Path, and like previous videos for the record, is shot on Auckland’s Waiheke Island.

Describing the piece in an email to subscribers, Lorde (Ella Yelich-O’Connor), said it was the first chapter in the “mystical” journey of the album.

“You see my character joining her friends and family on the island where they’ve chosen to start life anew, arriving in her trademark suit and quickly being transformed by nature’s strange magic,” she wrote.

The 25-year-old artist is currently touring Europe, having just played in Croatia for the first time, the nation of which she has heritage.

“When I was booking this tour, the only thing I insisted on was that I had to play in Ireland and Croatia, where my families are from.”

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She opened up to fans in her most recent e-letter saying since releasing her follow up to 2013 success Pure Heroine and 2017’s Melodrama she’s been through the “highest highs and lowest lows”.

“It took people awhile to get the album,” she wrote, “that response was really confounding and at times painful to sit with at first.”

The two-time Grammy winner’s experience of the pandemic was reflected her 2021 album, like other art released since the onset of Covid, she said.

Lorde plays at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain.

“It makes sense to me that when the collective feeling of the past few years has consisted of long stretches of isolation, vulnerability, abject terror and existential questioning, those feelings would be reflected in the art of the times.”

Despite that experience, Lorde says the Solar Power tour consists of her “best live show ever”, as the Europe leg nears an end at sold out Glastonbury this weekend.

Concert dates then stretch from August to November across the US and South America, before New Zealand and Australia dates in February and March 2023.