Jacinda Ardern set to meet with Boris Johnson on Europe trip

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern leaves this weekend for trade, tourism and foreign policy trips to Europe and then Australia.

She will meet with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London, with an aim to, "cement the close links between the two countries, especially for business and exporters since the signing of the New Zealand-UK FTA earlier this year".

Ardern and Boris Johnson have met previously and talked numerous times.

“While this trip has been long planned, it coincides with the NATO leaders’ summit in Madrid," Ardern said.

"The NATO meeting represents an opportunity to engage with a large number of leaders on a wide range of issues over and above security and defence."

Ardern will also go to Brussels for meetings with EU leaders, "with a focus on progressing the EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the opportunities it will bring for New Zealand businesses and exporters".

Ardern said New Zealand was in the "closing stages" of the EU FTA.

"We’ve been talking for some time with EU leaders and representatives about bringing this agreement closer to conclusion," Ardern said.

When asked if she would be going to sign the FTA, Ardern said they are still in the midst of negotiations, "but this trip has been purposely timed".

She is set to leave this Sunday for Europe. Once she has left Europe, Ardern will head to Australia and will go to Melbourne and Sydney between July 4 and 8.

Other ministers and a large business delegation will also go.

"Australia is our largest market for tourists and second largest for exports," Ardern said. "It is the most significant market for our small and medium sized businesses looking to grow their offerings. And so in Melbourne and Sydney I will be helping to promote a number of trade and tourism opportunities."

National leader Christopher Luxon will also travel to Singapore, Dublin and London in July to focus on infrastructure, technology and education.