Breakfast hosts try TikTok-inspired 'healthy Coke' recipe

Source: Breakfast

The Breakfast crew put TikTok's 'healthy Coke' trend to the test on Wednesday morning.

The recipe went viral after US TikToker Amanda Jones posted a video showing her mixing balsamic vinegar with sparkling water and proclaiming it tastes just like Coke.

Jenny Suo, Matty McLean and Jenny-May Clarkson decided to try it out for themselves, with mixed results.

Jenny wasn't a fan, saying her unflavoured sparkling water and balsamic mix tasted like "vinegar death water".

Matty and Jenny-May fared better, with their flavoured sparkling water seeming to make the difference.

"Mine's alright, I don't mind mine," Jenny-May said with Matty agreeing.

However, all three agreed the concoction definitely didn't taste anything like Coca-Cola.

Watch the video above for their full reviews.