Bonkers Kiwi comedy Nude Tuesday changes the script

Richard Martin
Source: 1News

There may not be another movie quite like Nude Tuesday.

The film tells the story of married couple Laura (Jackie Van Beek) and Bruno (Damon Herriman) who head to a new age retreat run by sex guru Bjorg (Jemaine Clement) in order to find their spark once more.

Sounds standard enough, but what sets Nude Tuesday apart is how the story is told. The official language of the film is 'gibberish', an improvised, vaguely Scandinavian-sounding language created on set.

The story was developed in English originally before an early morning phone call from writer Jackie Van Beek to director Armagan Ballantyne, where she suggested the gibberish twist.

"So then you have a real disconnect between people – real miscommunication – which played so nicely into the themes we were trying to explore," Van Beek told 1News.

Director Armagan Ballantyne on the set of Nude Tuesday with Jemaine Clement

Once the film was edited and completed, British comedian Julia Davis was tasked with writing the subtitles for the film, with no prior knowledge of the script.

On seeing Davis' subtitles for the first time, Ballantyne reflected, "It was so thrilling because it was so different to what Jackie had written."

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"As the writer and lead actor of the film, her giving me completely different dialogue and backstory and intentions... I loved it," Van Beek added.

Nude Tuesday is playing in cinemas nationwide from June 16.