All Whites coach Hay blasts FIFA, officials

Source: 1News

All Whites coach Danny Hay says the officials "weren't up to standard" in his side's cruel 1-0 defeat by Costa Rica in Doha on Wednesday.

The All Whites went down despite playing a superb game against the much-higher ranked Central Americans.

Costa Rica went up 1-0 after the All Whites were caught napping by Joel Campbell in the third minute but after that, all the action happened at the other end as the Kiwis looked to find an equaliser against an extremely defensive formation.

Then, in the 39th minute Wood looked to have done just that as he found the back of the net off a Matt Garbett cross.

However after the referee had initially awarded the goal, VAR was brought in to check a potential foul between Garbett and his defender in the build up to the play after the two collided chasing the loose ball.

In the end, VAR ruled there was enough contact from Garbett to overrule the goal and with it scratched Wood's equaliser.

Speaking to 1News after the match, having seen multiple replays, Hay struggled to understand why the goal didn't stand.

"We’ve seen some of decisions from multiple angles, and I think it’s pretty clear some of the officiating wasn’t up to standard today. Really quite disappointing. I can’t fault the players, they were incredible."

Going into the match, he said New Zealand was concerned that unlike Australia's match against Peru the day before, their officials were less experienced on football's biggest stages.

"FIFA in their wisdom, or lack of wisdom, have gone and provided us with officials that weren’t up to it."

Campbell's early goal was a blow, but New Zealand refused to let their heads drop, and arguably had the better attacking chances for the rest of the match.

"I thought their reaction was incredibly positive. Dominated the game, created all the chances, just needed to find a little bit of quality in the final third," Hay said of his players.

The denied goalscorer Wood said shortly after the match it was a tough pill to swallow.

"To be honest with you, we were the dominant side. Possession stats will tell you, shooting stats will tell you but ultimately the fine margins and little things went their way and some decisions went against us that I think were very harsh," Wood said.

"It's extremely frustrating. That's what VAR was brought in here to do - be a bit more clearer.

"Obviously, I'll have to look back at it but the refs need to trust their instincts some of the time and it's unfortunate that they don't but that's life I guess."

VAR also had a crucial role in Kosta Barbarouses' initial yellow card getting elevated to a red for dangerous contact.

Kosta Barbarouses is red carded in the All Whites' World Cup qualifying match against Costa Rica.

Garbett, the player at the centre of the no-goal controversy, was bemused by the decision.

"There's no chance it was a foul, I've gone down because he's gone over me," he told 1News.

"As I'm going down, my arm's already tangled around his leg, it's not like I pulled him down. Benefit of doubt should go to us because the referee didn't call it."