Drunken brawl at Downing Street as UK remained in lockdown

Parties through to the early hours of the morning, drunken staff vomiting and a brawl – that was the scene inside Downing Street while the rest of the UK lived under Covid-19 restrictions, as the long-awaited report into lockdown parties in No. 10 was published.

The party was reportedly held eight days after England was plunged into a second lockdown.

The report examined 16 events and included nine photos, with one image showing Prime Minister Boris Johnson raising a can of beer at a birthday party thrown in his honour.

A report by senior civil servant Sue Gray attacked senior leaders in government, saying they must "bear responsibility" for the culture which led to Covid lockdown rules being broken.

“The events that I investigated were attended by leaders in government. Many of these events should not have been allowed to happen,” she said.

“It is also the case that some of the more junior civil servants believed that their involvement in some of these events was permitted given the attendance of senior leaders.

“The senior leadership, at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility for this culture”

The report also revealed karaoke, excessive alcohol consumption, members of staff being sick, and an altercation. One party took place on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral and went on until 4am.

It also detailed "multiple examples" of a lack of respect and poor treatment of security and cleaning staff.

Some of the events were attended by the Prime Minister, who apologised again to parliament but told MPs he didn’t know at the time the gatherings went on far longer than was necessary.

“I have been as surprised and disappointed as anyone else in this House as the revelations have unfolded,” he said.

“I have been appalled by some of the behaviour, particularly in the treatment of the security and the cleaning staff. I would like to apologise to those members of staff."

Responding to his apology, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer suggested the government had treated British people with “utter contempt”.

“The report lays bare the rot that under this Prime Minster has spread in No. 10,” he said.

“When the dust settles and the anger subsides, this report will stand as a monument to the arrogance of government.”

Johnson told media he has no intention of resigning.