Anger after Tory candidate tweets girls have 'buttery' smell

Source: 1News

A Conservative Party local election candidate's "completely unacceptable" tweet about teenage girls has triggered an investigation in the UK.

Conservative Party UK (file photo).

On Saturday, @cmdrjonty - an account that appears to belong to Tory hopeful Jonty Campbell - tweeted: "Here’s the thing with girls 22 or under, they smell massively different to a girl of 28. Girls aged 16 to, say 23, have this buttery, creamy, slightly sweet smell that is unbelievably magnetic."

The tweet and the account have since been deleted.

Author and women’s rights activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu shared a screenshot of the original tweet and said: "What did I just FREAKING read?"

She called the comment "disgusting" and said: "Where do you begin to deconstruct this evil?"

Campbell has been a candidate for the Tories five times in recent elections and byelections for the Preston City Council. Most recently, he stood in Ribbleton in May and lost to Labour's candidate.

On the Preston Conservative Association website, Campbell is said to be the deputy chair of campaigning.

The Preston Conservatives told the Lancashire Post in a statement: "The current tweet from @commanderJonty is being investigated and a further statement will follow.

"This language and opinion about women and girls is completely unacceptable."

The Lancashire Post asked Campbell to comment on the tweet but had not received a response.