Pacifica the Musical set to feature Kiwi classics

Corazon Miller
Source: 1News

A musical featuring the colour and sounds of New Zealand's Pasifika culture is being staged - in what is being described as a world first.

The large scale musical, Pacifica, tells a story of love that begins 300 years ago in the South Pacific, travelling through time and place to modern day Auckland.

Musical director Jacob Nansen says it is a privilege to be able to "tell our story to the world, from our lens".

"With the times we are living in now, a lot of people lose hope and I feel this story bringing Pasifika to the world is a message of hope and love," he says.

The show, which opens at Auckland's Civic Theatre in August, features a catalogue of the biggest Kiwi Pop songs, from singers including Anika Moa, Brooke Fraser, Stan Walker, Hinewehi Mohi, Annie Crummer, King Kapisi, Nesian Mystik, Che Fu, and Six 60.

Creative Director Pak Peacocke says their songs have played a key part in bringing the story of Pacifica together.

"Each individual song is essentially a scene in the show and therefore without their beautiful song writing we wouldn't have been able to put the show together."

His hope is that the Auckland season will prove a success and pave the way for the show to go global; starting with Australia, North America, the UK and Europe, but also countries like Korea, Hong Kong, and South America.

Choreographer Hadleigh Pouesi says the 2016 success of Disney's Moana has shown there is an appetite for Pacific stories.

"Since that time, I've just been thinking we need to push our Pacific flavour, the stories of Te Moananui a Kiwa (the Pacific Ocean) out to the world.

"I think this is a beautiful waka to do this with. Our Pacific people can feel proud, that these stories are being told...their stories are up there with worldwide content."