Lizzo learns the Kiwi accent from Jeremy Wells

Source: Seven Sharp

From living in her car to owning the red carpet at the Met Gala, singer Lizzo is an all-American success story.

With a string of hits and a new album on the way, her star is shining like never before.

And it's not hard to see why, as Seven Sharp's Jeremy Wells discovered. Not only is she an international superstar, but she's also a flute-playing musical genius.

"Playing an instrument - when I was growing up, it was considered pretty frickin' nerdy and dorky and we were made fun of," the Juice hitmaker told Seven Sharp.

Lizzo and Jeremy.

"I really wanted to change that… I think I've been a part of changing that."

She also took notice of Wells' Kiwi accent, laughing at the way he said the word "harsh".

"You're a good time already," she told Wells.

Watch Jeremy Wells' full interview with Lizzo in the video above.