Levin tornado: Woman covered in glass after 'horrendous noise'

Abbey Wakefield
Source: 1News

A Levin resident says she woke to a "horrendous" noise and was then covered in glass as a tornado hit Levin on Friday morning.

Trees are down and buildings damaged in the Horowhenua town after the tornado hit, with surface flooding and downed power lines also apparent.

People are encouraged to stay home if possible, with State Highway 1 closed.

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Bianca Baker told 1News she was in complete shock.

"The noise was horrendous it was like I woke from a very scary nightmare, was louder than gunshots and I was covered in glass from all the windows blown in.”

Residents look at damage caused by bad weather in Levin

She was woken up by loud banging, before her windows were blown in and she was covered in glass.

"The destruction is like nothing I've ever witnessed. All fences are ripped out and mess everywhere."

She said she was still in shock, but grateful to be alive, and is now packing to stay somewhere else tonight.

"We can't stay here, the house is unlivable," she said.

Police say they will helping with the clean-up and providing reassurance to residents.