Charity ensures hot showers offered to Tauranga's homeless

Source: 1News

A social service provider in Tauranga has purchased camping equipment for the city's homeless so they can enjoy a warm shower.

Street Kai cares for dozens of homeless people in Tauranga and it says the most common request from those who spend long, cold nights on the street is access to hot water.

"People have a right to feel clean, to feel human, to feel more a part of a community," Street Kai's Pip Brook said.

Lisa has been in and out of emergency housing and has been living in her car since last year.

She has been working but is struggling to find a home.

She told 1News Street Kai's initiative is about much more than the weekly hot shower, saying they "make you feel loved".

In a statement, Tauranga City Council told 1News there are two places where the homeless can wash and it's exploring three other sites, but they must be safe, and funding could be two years away.

The charity says it's seeing more homeless who have jobs, but are living in cars.

"We see people getting up and we see them getting ready for work and they're off holding down a job and they either can't get anywhere to rent, or they just can't afford it, or both," Street Kai's Paul Matthews said.