Cheese, coffee are work from home distractions, British PM says

Source: 1News

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned against the distraction of creature comforts like cheese and coffee as he renewed calls for Britons to return to the office.

Different types of cheeses.

Businesses across the country have been left battered by a drop in foot traffic despite calls three months ago for workers to make their return, The Guardian reports.

“My experience of working from home is you spend an awful lot of time making another cup of coffee and then, you know, getting up, walking very slowly to the fridge, hacking off a small piece of cheese, then walking very slowly back to your laptop and then forgetting what it was you’re doing,” Johnson told British tabloid the Daily Mail.

“There will be lots of people who disagree with me, but I believe people are more productive, more energetic, more full of ideas, when they are surrounded by other people.”

It comes after the Prime Minister ordered ministers this week to cut 91,000 civil service jobs in a bid to save 3.5 billion pounds (NZ$6.8 billion) per year.