CCTV footage shows Russian soldiers shooting unarmed civilians

Source: 1News

Footage showing soldiers shooting unarmed civilians is being labelled as clear evidence of war crimes committed by Russian forces.

As 65-year-old Leonid Pliats lay dying, his killers were nearby drinking and looting.

The footage captured in detail by CCTV shows the security guard and his boss at their workplace, speaking to the group of Russian soldiers through a fence only moments before.

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The soldiers are calm - smoking during the chat.

Both groups appear to leave, but as Pliats and his colleague walk away, two Russian soldiers take aim - shooting the civilians multiple times in the back.

Footage captured two Russian shooting the civilians.

One of the men is killed outright - the badly-wounded Pliats staggers to his hut and phones for help.

Speaking to the BBC, Vasyl Podlevskyi said he took the call, trying to calm his friend on the phone, as he sat bleeding heavily.

Leonid Pliats, 65, was shot dead by Russian soldiers.

"I said, 'Can you at least bandage yourself up?' And he told me, 'Vasya, I barely crawled here. Everything hurts so much. I feel really bad'," Podlevskyi recalled.

The video records the Russian troops still on site, searching rooms and rummaging through cupboards, drinking the alcohol they discover.

Russian soldiers looting and drinking the alcohol they discover.

Pliats' daughter, Yulia Androshchuk, wants answers.

"My dad was not a military man at all; he was a pensioner. They killed a 65-year-old. What for?" she said.

"I'm not so much furious as full of grief - and fear. These damn Russians are so out of control, I'm afraid of what they might do next."