Patel raises $27k for Starship with auction of 10-wicket shirt

Source: 1News

Ajaz Patel has raised an impressive $27,000 for Starship Hospital after donating one of the shirts he wore during last year’s historic Mumbai Test for auction.

Patel became just the third player ever in Test cricket to claim all 10 wickets in a innings last November during the Black Caps' second match against India. With his 10-119, he also surpassed Sir Richard Hadlee's 9-52 against Australia in Brisbane in 1985 for New Zealand's best-ever figures.

With Patel joining England’s Jim Laker and India's Anil Kumble as bowlers to have ever taken 10 wickets in a Test innings, the jersey was an incredible piece of memorabilia for any cricket fan's collection.

In the end, the auction on TradeMe closed on Wednesday evening with the winning bid from Wellington coming in at $27,350 after an intense final five minutes of bidding.

Ajaz Patel joined Jim Laker and Anil Kumble as the only bowlers to take all 10 wickets in a Test innings.

Money raised by the auctioned shirt will help pay for the play specialist in the hospital’s radiology department, which helps children cope with procedures like MRI scans without general anesthetic.

Patel's generosity was met by glowing reviews from fans during the week-long auction.

"A true hero and a piece of cricket history," one bidder wrote.

"If I had the money, I would buy it and give it back to Ajaz. An amazing piece of NZ cricket history and an amazingly selfless thing to donate it for a great cause," another added.

Patel told 1News last week the cause was one close to his heart after he spent a couple of days in the hospital last year when his daughter, Hania, was born.

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"My daughter was born at Starship and she had a bit of a fever and they took her in for check-ups and to make sure she was okay," he said.

"They gave her a short dose of antibiotics but during that period…she was in the NICU unit, she wasn’t really in too much trouble but I remember I was sitting there with her and I remember looking around the room and there were so many vulnerable babies.

"The care and love they were receiving from the nurses - I remember thinking as a parent for the first time, how amazing that is but how difficult it would have been for those parents.

"If I donated out of my own pocket I wouldn’t be able to donate that much [but] if it's something like this that people can get behind it and we can raise a lot of money and help people, that makes it a lot easier."