New way to keep treasured pets close after they pass

Source: Seven Sharp

It’s no secret us Kiwis love our pets. So, when we lose a beloved pooch, moggie or cockatoo it really hurts.

We often wish we could keep them close forever - in a non-creepy way.

Well now there’s a new option on the market which is literally breaking the mould.

Christchurch business Reterniti turns pets’ ashes into "Reterniti Stones" which they say allows a closer connection than an urn, a box or bag of ashes.

“A Reterniti Stone can be handled and held close. Just like your companion when they were alive,” the company states.

“It can’t be spilt and won’t blow back on you if scattered.”

Your pets name can also be engraved on it, with their birth and passing dates.

Dog lover Kathy Pascoe told Seven Sharp the stones were a great way to honour her passed on pets Rufus and Tilly.

Before Reterniti intervened, she had their ashes in traditional wooden boxes.

“They just put it in this quite ugly wooden box with a wee Ziplock bag, it was quite impersonal - and what do you do with them?” Pascoe said.

Seven Sharp’s Rachel Parkin went to check out the process for herself in the video above.