Parliament's favourite dog leaving for new job

Abbey Wakefield
Source: 1News

The most popular member of Parliament, Frankie the blue heeler dog will be finishing up his time at the Beehive this week.

It comes as his owner Eric Waghorn, a Parliamentary staffer, has a new job as a field engineer, which means Frankie will be leaving with him.

"I'm going to enjoy my new job, but I’m going to miss this place as well,” Waghorn said.

Everywhere Frankie goes in the Beehive, he will got a pat, even from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Frankie's departure from the halls of power means there's now a vacancy for the new top dog of Parliament.

"He's a friend to everybody, I’ve actually done some handover notes for whichever dog wants them in this place of how to be Frankie," Eric said.

The handover notes include instructions such as "when approaching a group of humans, expect belly rubs, and all Parliament dogs are friends… but to keep trying with Leo".

Frankie is still working on building a better friendship with Leo, the Act Party’s dog. But, one of Frankie's best friend's in Parliament is Ladyhawke, National MP Chris Bishop's dog.

Leo, Ladyhawke and Frankie.

National Party Deputy Leader Nicola Willis said Frankie will be missed by many.

"He's been a very special part of this place," Willis said.

Green Party MP Jan Logie was sad to hear the news of Frankie's departure.

"He's just this really calming super chill adorable presence, which you can't say for anybody else in this place," she said.

Eric Waghorn said his new job as a field engineer has a good dog policy, so Frankie will get to work with him there too.

But, for now, Frankie and Eric are both handing in their Parliamentary badges.