Māori Battalion soldiers who didn't get war medals named

Source: 1News

The names of more than 500 Māori Battalion soldiers who never received medals for their WWII service have been released.

Lawyer David Stone has uncovered the missing medals of those that had served in World War II.

It comes after further research by lawyer David Stone which uncovered more Māori Battalion soldiers that hadn’t been given their war medals, on top of the 134 soldiers he discovered in 2021.

Stone has made it his mission to to identify the owners of the unclaimed medals.

His research has revealed the names of more than 635 men of the 28th Māori Battalion who never received their war medals.

Some living descendants of the 134 soldiers were presented with medals in a ceremony last year, and now Stone would like to do the same for the other 500-something soldiers.

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Descendants wanting to apply for the unclaimed medals are required to fill out the New Zealand Military Medals application form.

Applicants must show their link to the soldier, and it has to be done through a birth, death and/or marriage certificate.

The army is planning on honouring these soldiers and their whānau in the near future with medals ceremonies, like the one held in 2021.

A full list of the soldiers names can be found here.