Will Smith-Chris Rock Oscars meme not appropriate - Luxon

A Will Smith-Chris Rock meme posted on the National Facebook page was deemed "not appropriate" by the party's leader and removed within 20 minutes, but was left on another MPs page.

Chris Rock and Will Smith on stage at the Oscars

The National Party posted an image of the pair's now-infamous Oscars clash, moments after Smith slapped Rock, with 'Hardworking Kiwis' written across Rock, and 'Labour's Cost of Living Crisis' written across Smith, with the comment 'Accurate' written above.

Christopher Luxon.

"I've only just become aware of it, it was pretty clear it was taken down very, very quickly, and we've had the relevant conversations and the lessons have been learnt," Luxon said when questioned about the meme this morning.

"No I don't think it was appropriate. We don't condone any violence at all.

"The team reflected upon that and within 20 minutes, it went up and down without me being aware of it. That's a good sign, the team is making good judgement."

Other National MPs had also posted the same meme format. In a post that was deleted after 11am Tuesday morning, Tim van de Molen had 'Farmers' written across Rock and 'Labour' across Smith, with the caption, 'Our farmers deserve better'.

A post by MP Simon O'Connor had a meme with 'The Question' written across Rock, 'Ardern' written across Smith, and '*Reject the premise*' written at the bottom of the meme.

It was deleted from his page shortly after midday on Tuesday.

Smith slapped Rock after the latter's joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's hair. She suffers from the hair loss condition alopecia.