Topp Twins reveal they both have breast cancer

Source: 1News

Kiwi entertainment legends the Topp Twins have revealed they're both fighting breast cancer.

Jools and Lynda Topp.

In an exclusive interview with TVNZ's Sunday, Jools and Lynda said they are protecting each other by staying apart.

"I don't know what's harder - having cancer or not having Jools here," Lynda said.

Covid-19 has been hard on the real-life twins, forcing them to cancel gigs and hurting their incomes. But more difficult for the 63-year-olds has been staying apart after 40 years of being inseparable.

Over the decades, they've delighted Kiwis with their music, comedy and beloved characters like Camp Mother and Camp Leader, Ken and Ken.

Jools was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 at 48, but pulled through after her left breast was removed and weeks of gruelling chemotherapy.

Last year she began to feel unwell again. Then Lynda found out she also had breast cancer.

"So, all of a sudden, boom. In Covid, I can't be with Jools. I came out of the office at St George's Hospital and I sat in the car. I just burst into tears."

Watch the full interview with Jools and Lynda on Sunday, TVNZ1 7.30pm or OnDemand.

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