Businesses impacted by Parliament protests to get $1.2 million

Source: 1News

The Government and Wellington City Council are set to provide $1.2 million in relief to inner-city Wellington businesses who lost significant revenue during the protest at Parliament grounds.

Lampton Quay in downtown Wellington.

The Government will contribute $200,000 and the Wellington City Council $1 million.

"Businesses in the area surrounding Parliament that experienced a drop of 50 per cent or more in their revenue during the period of the occupation can apply. Each business will be eligible for a maximum of $30,000 as a one-off payment," Wellington City Council said in a statement.

Mayor Andy Foster said businesses in the area have experienced the double blow of the protest and the impacts of the Omicron outbreak.

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Labour MP Stewart Nash said: “Research we conducted showed an average 55 per cent drop in revenue amongst businesses in the area during the three-week occupation. And they’re still struggling to recover due to the decline in people visiting the central city due the Omicron outbreak.

These businesses are essential to the vitality of our city. We want them to survive and be here when workers, residents and visitors return in decent numbers once again.

"I have a great deal of sympathy for the plight of businesses who were significantly impacted and who experienced additional costs as a result of the illegal occupation."

More information for the Parliament Occupation Business Relief Fund can be viewed here.