Council chasing thieves who stole 5000 roses from Blenheim park

Source: 1News

Up to 5000 roses have been stolen from a public park in Blenheim, with the local council believing it’s happening at dusk with multiple people involved.

Pollard Park is known for it’s rose bushes but about two weeks before Christmas it was noticed many had started going missing which continued into the new year.

Marlborough District Council’s Rachel Hutchinson has worked as a gardener at the park for 30 years and says she’s never seen anything like it.

"It's awful, it's awful. It's never happened in all my time. I can't believe someone would do this and systematically come back and keep doing it. I just don't understand it," she told 1News.

And it’s not just roses, with other flowers targeted too, the thieves often picking only a certain colour leading the council to believe that they’re being used for specific events.

"I think it's quite specific. Someone has come in here picking the colours that they need for something and they have been taking bucketful's away,” Hutchinson said.

Around 4000-5000 have been stolen so far, or about 25 per cent of the flowers. It’s thought the flowers are being picked at dusk and because of the large quantities involved it’s likely they are being taken by multiple people.

Marlborough Deputy Mayor Nadine Taylor say it’s disappointing as the flowers are there for the public to enjoy. "The sad thing is to think that it might be organised. It possibly says that the price of flowers are a little bit too much. Or perhaps that people think the rules don't quite apply to them at the moment".

A member of the public 1News spoke to said she’d noticed the difference. "I deeply hope they're not profiting from them, taking and making money. And yea just very selfish behaviour".

Marlborough Council is urging anyone with information about the thefts, or anyone who has been offered cheap flowers, to come forward.