Bloomfield explains isolation rules if you've had Covid

Source: 1News

Director-General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield cleared up what the isolation rules are for those who have already recovered from a recent bout of Covid-19 if another household member tests positive.

At Tuesday's 1pm press conference Bloomfield said he’s been getting questions over whether a positive case needs to re-isolate if a member of the household later tests positive for the virus.

He said the original case doesn’t need to re-isolate.

“No, they don’t need to for a period of some months".

“I’ll just say some months because this is new to us,” he added.

“They would have a high level of immunity and of course it's a very low risk of being infected and therefore a low risk of re-infecting others.

“If someone’s recently had an infection within the last two or three months, then they don’t need to isolate again with the household family member."

Fully vaccinated positive cases will be able to leave isolation after seven days of taking the test but will need to return a negative rapid antigen test on day six.

Bloomfield says officials are also looking at the period of isolation for both cases and household contacts which is currently set at 10 days, but he says that “might be able to be reduced,” possibly to seven days.

Advice on this is expected to be given to ministers within the next few days.

It comes as 19,566 Covid-19 community cases were recorded in New Zealand on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Health said 17,053 cases were detected through RAT and 2513 through PCR tests.

The total number of active community cases is 99,859.