'Silly and unwise' - Luxon addresses Hipango Wikipedia saga

Source: 1News

National leader Christopher Luxon has called the Wikipedia saga of his MP Harete Hipango 'silly and unwise'.

Hipango's controversies section of her Wikipedia page was altered by a person who said they worked for the MP.

The controversies included her recent appearance at an anti-vaccination rally.

"I am Harete Hipango's staff member and am editing her page on her behalf. She's stated that much of the information in the "Controveries" [SIC] section is false, and is causing a lot of distress to her family," the editor said.

In a statement on Thursday, Hipango confirmed she had asked a staff member to make the edits, although she now regretted it, saying it was an "unwise decision".

"I regret that it may be distracting from what we should be focused on, which is holding the Government to account," Hipango said.

At a media conference on Thursday regarding the inflation, Luxon was asked about Hipango's latest controversy.

"I want all my MPs focused on their portfolios and the things that matter most to New Zealanders," Luxon said.

"I’ve made that pretty crystal clear in my expectations with them and that’s what I expect going forward."

Luxon said he had not spoken to Hipango on Thursday, but National deputy Nicola Willis had.

When questioned on whether her role with the party was under threat, Luxon said those conversations would remain private, although reiterated her actions were "silly and unwise".