Man with mask exemption denied entry into SkyCity

Source: 1News

A man was denied entry into SkyCity in Auckland on Friday for not wearing a mask despite having an exemption, he says.

Barry De Geest is a Thalidomide survivor, born without arms and legs.

Barry De Geest is in a wheel chair and has no arms and legs, meaning he is unable to put a mask on himself and uses a pen in his mouth as a tool to communicate.

He says he wanted to go to a restaurant at SkyCity and showed his exemption to security.

"They weren't interested, they said they do not let anyone in without a mask.

"It was humiliating," says De Geest.

In a statement SkyCity said conditions of entry to their sites are at their own discretion.

"As a non-essential service SkyCity will not accept medical exemptions for face masks under the Red setting."

They say to deliver robust health and safety standards, face masks are mandatory for everyone.

But De Geest says SkyCity need to understand one rule doesn't fit everybody, "they need to take consideration of what people can and can't do."

He says no one has ever challenged him for not wearing a mask before, "they just look at me and they understand".