Auckland-bound celeb cat Mittens farewells Wellington

Source: 1News

His Royal Floofiness Mittens, Wellington’s favourite feline, is saying goodbye to the capital and moving back to Auckland in the new year.

Silvio Bruinsma, Mittens’ owner, said he definitely didn’t expect his pet to become so famous.

He said he’d been reflecting on a number of highlights in Mittens’ adventures. Among them is a book about Mittens, a museum exhibit, a song that went to number one on the charts, and being awarded the key to Wellington city.

“There’s too many to list!”

Mittens also ended up in a strip club at one point, and is a regular at a tattoo parlour.

Bruinsma said, as far as he knew, Mittens only went to the strip club once, before heading to church soon after.

Breakfast headed to the streets where many Wellingtonians said they would miss him.

Mittens the cat.

Bruinsma had one parting message for Wellingtonians: “Thank you for building a wonderful community. It’s helped raise $35,000 for charity through all the things that he [Mittens] has done and it’s been great he’s been welcomed with open arms.”

Mittens is originally from Auckland and moved to Wellington in 2017.