Analysis: Christopher Luxon's 'first taste of the big time'

Jessica Mutch McKay
Source: 1News

There was a lot of nervous energy in Parliament's debating chamber today. It felt like going to a child's school play where they have an important solo.

The packed press gallery had standing-room-only and when the main act stood up, you could see most of his MPs leaning in.

It was new National leader Christopher Luxon’s first foray on the floor of the debating chamber and he held his own.

Which is all he needed to do.

He did forget some of the formalities, such as calling Trevor Mallard 'Mr Speaker', he prompted a yawn from one of his backbench MPs (visible even under a mask) and lost his place with a question.

But his team will see his performance as a win.

He was nervous – a reminder that he's not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Politics is a whole new game and he’s just had his first taste of the big time.

The Prime Minister showed her expertise in the art of the debating. Handling both the National and ACT leaders. But the hype around the new National leader will be new for her.