Kiwis united over vaccination as uptake rises - Robertson

Source: 1News

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson says Kiwis are not "a divided nation on vaccination" as uptake of the Covid vaccine continues to climb.

Robertson spoke at the Covid-19 media conference alongside the Director of Public Health, Dr Caroline McElnay, on Friday as the country moved to the traffic light system.

“As we head into this next phase, critically, we do so with high - and rising - vaccination levels,” he said.

“Some people have tried to portray us as a divided nation on vaccination - the numbers simply do not bear that out. Getting 90 per cent-plus New Zealanders to agree on anything is a highly unusual achievement.

“We have come together once again to do this mahi and we should be very proud of the progress that we have made.”

Of the eligible population, 93 per cent have now had their first dose and 87 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Of the country's 16 DHBs, four of them have now reached 90 per cent fully vaccinated.

“Very pleasingly, we can advise that Waitematā and Canterbury have now become the third and fourth district health board areas - after Auckland and Capital and Coast - to reach 90 per cent fully vaccinated,” Dr McElnay said.

While five DHBs have yet to reach 90 per cent with first doses, Robertson was not discouraged.

“Of the remaining five DHBs still to reach 90 per cent first dose, the Lakes DHB has just 785 more vaccinations to go and the West Coast DHB, 284 to reach the target,” he said.

“With a big push, that could be done in both of those DHBs by very early next week.”

Robertson thanked “all New Zealanders for their actions to keep them, their families and their communities safe”.

There were 92 cases of Covid-19 reported in the community today, the first time since October 28 the daily total had been under 100.