Luxon outlines game plan to turn National around

Source: 1News

National's new leader Christopher Luxon has a game plan to turn things around for the beleaguered party and reunite its members.

Luxon was voted in as the National Party's new leader on Tuesday, replacing Judith Collins.

Nicola Willis is the deputy leader.

It came after a late-night press release from Judith Collins last Wednesday turned the party upside down. Simon Bridges came out swinging the next morning, and by the afternoon Collins was gone as leader.


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Luxon told Breakfast after "deep conversations" with "each and every member" of the caucus on Tuesday, National's 33 MPs had agreed to take on being the Opposition in a "different way".

"That means building back trust with each other, getting to work actually focusing on the things that matter most to New Zealanders and opposing the Government, but equally proposing," he said.

"You know the role of the Opposition is to do both and so that’s the work we’ll get into. You’ll see us as time develops, as we turn it around and get focused, we’re going to earn back the trust of the New Zealand people and we need to make it not about ourselves, we need to make it about them and that’s the path that we’re on and we’re going to do it. I have no doubt about it."

The former Air NZ boss and MP for Botany described politics as a team sport and said he wanted to draw out the strengths of the "33 very talented people" in National's caucus.

"The first step is to make sure that we get the leadership group right and then we make sure we’ve got our caucus pointed in the right direction. Then I think you’re going to see — we had a great day yesterday," Luxon said.

"People were enthusiastic, re-energised about the fact that we’re back. And again it’s a very simple thing — get the team sorted, stop talking about yourselves and actually focus on New Zealand and in my view this Government frankly isn’t delivering. It talks a good game, but it’s not actually getting outcomes for New Zealanders."

Luxon said the party needed to get back to being a "national, National Party" and what it was good at.

"We know how to do management and we know how to do execution and you’ve got to move beyond the bumper stickers and the sound bites and actually get things done."