Sam Whitelock taking on 24-hour bike ride for charity in MIQ

Source: 1News

Sam Whitelock is part way through a mammoth 24-hour stationary bike ride in order to raise money for bowel cancer prevention.

The All Blacks captain started at 7pm on Thursday, and is doing the ride while in MIQ, just days after arriving back into New Zealand from the northern tour.

Other All Blacks and support staff have been jumping on too, riding together digitally, via Zoom.

It’s a cause close to their hearts, after losing their mate, Kevin “Chalky” Carr, to pancreatic cancer in 2018.

Carr was a former All Blacks logistic manager.

Whitelock spoke to Breakfast on Friday morning while riding the bike, and says he has started to feel a bit “jaded”, and has a “raw backside”, but otherwise is well.

“Obviously hydration is a massive thing. It would be nice to be outside to do it but it’s just not the way of the world.

He says it was the idea of Nic Gill, the All Blacks’ strength and conditioning coach to do the ride.

“It was Gilly’s idea and he’s the one that’s going for the world wide record, as far as you can go in 24 hours, and he’s on track to beat that. I think he’s gotta go 752kms to beat that. Pretty cool.”

“Bowel cancer is killing a lot of people...When it is detected early the likelihood of coming out of it in a good space is a lot higher than when it is detected later.”

A Givealittle page has been set up with the aim to raise $100,000.