'Judith has my total support' - National MPs rally after poll

Source: 1News

National's Christopher Luxon says there has been no conversations around leadership, as his preferred Prime Minister poll ratings continue to nip at the heels of Judith Collins.

Judith Collins - file.

"Judith has my total support, it's a team effort, we've all got to do the work and we know we've got to do work," Luxon said.

It comes as the National leader's approval rating sunk to her lowest score, at -31, in the latest 1News Colmar Brunton poll. Her preferred PM rating stayed steady at five per cent, while Luxon went up to four per cent.

On former leader Simon Bridges, who came in at one per cent, Collins she he was "not the leader and he won't be".

Bridges said being Opposition leader was "a tough job, and I have a lot of sympathy for Judith Collins and I'm sure she meant nothing by what she said".

"It's not my intention to stand for the leadership of the National Party, there's no vacancy."

When asked about putting his name forward as leader, Luxon said he was "focused on doing what I need to do".

"At the moment that focus is on taking the fight to the Government on Three Waters."

He said the big story from the poll was that the Government "was not actually delivering for people".

National's party support went up by two to 28 per cent, while Labour dropped by two, still ahead on 41 per cent.

Collins said it was "very hard when you're the Opposition leader to tell people what they were sold at the election was a pup".

"When they voted for Labour, they voted for a safe Covid response and a Government that understood and was going to keep out the Greens and they were going to look after the economy.

"What they've found instead is a Government that is absolutely and utterly failed. No one wants someone to tell them that, no one likes the person who has tell them that."

She said Luxon had been give "a very good portfolio" of local government spokesperson.

1News asked other National MPs about their thoughts on the poll.

Paul Goldsmith said they still had work to do and that he was focused on education issues.

He was asked if there was anything Collins could be doing differently; answering he was "not about to give advice to my leader".

Melissa Lee said Collins was "a great leader and what we need to do is make sure people see her for who she is".

"Sometimes with media coverage, the Prime Minister gets an hour every time she gets up doing the press conferences at 1pm, when we do a press conference it only gets a minute and a half."

Chris Penk said there was encouraging trends in the poll. Erica Stanford said she had not seen the poll.

When asked if she was happy with National's result, she said, "yup, always good to go up".

She did not answer when asked after what she made of Collins' rating.