Response to National’s petition to end MIQ ‘extraordinary’ - Collins

Source: 1News

A petition launched by National to end MIQ has received about 80,000 signatures in six days.

The party launched the petition on November 4, with its Covid-19 Response Minister, Chris Bishop, stating the “lottery of human misery” had to come to an end.

"We now have a farcical situation where fully vaccinated New Zealanders, with no Covid, who win the MIQ lottery have to spend 14 days in MIQ in Auckland, while more than 1300 people with Covid or who are close contacts of Covid cases isolate at home in Auckland," he said.

"This makes no sense. It is unfair, callous and illogical."

National leader Judith Collins told Breakfast on Wednesday the response to the petition had been "extraordinary".

With 80,000 signatures, she said it is the best response the party has ever received to a petition.

Under its ‘Opening Up’ plan, National has envisaged travellers from countries deemed low-risk would not have to isolate at all.

They would have to be double vaccinated and test negative before and after arrival.

Leader Judith Collins speaks at a National Party Conference in Auckland.

Those from countries deemed to be a higher risk would have to isolate at home for a week.

Collins explained what conditions applied to returning travellers depended on the country and its Covid-19 risk factor.

She said those were double jabbed were not the risk.

"They're not the problem," she remarked several times.

National would monitor those returnees who actually had the virus.