Average age for Covid-19 hospitalisations drops to 38 in last fortnight

Source: 1News

The average age for hospitalisations is trending downwards, with more young people with Covid-19 needing hospital-level care during the Delta outbreak. 

Middlemore Hospital.

There's been a significant drop in the number of Covid-19 cases in hospital, down to 37 from 55 at the end of last week. 

Of the current hospitalisations, four are in intensive care or high-dependency units. 

In total, there are 79 new Covid-19 cases in New Zealand, 75 in Auckland and four in Waikato. 

The Ministry of Health says the significant decline is largely a result of many with the virus needing hospital care for other unrelated issues. 

"This reflects some instances where individuals were identified as having Covid-19 when presenting for other issues and were admitted for a short period while their other issues were managed."

Among the hospital cases, the average age has also significantly declined from 45 to 38 in the past fortnight. 

The current Delta outbreak has continued to hit younger generations harder, a trend seen across the globe. 

Out of the 372 people hospitalised with Covid-19 during this outbreak, only six per cent were in the 65 and older age group.