Almost 80% of Delta outbreak cases not vaccinated

Almost 80 per cent of the cases in the Delta outbreak had not received any Covid-19 vaccine doses - with 342 of those children under 12 unable to be vaccinated, but who make up more than a fifth of the outbreak. 

A child and a teddy bear wearing masks.

The Ministry of Health released details of those impacted by the latest Delta outbreak - with 1664 people contracting Covid in the community since the first confirmed case on August 17. The data showed the vaccination status of 1622 cases up to 9am on Monday, October 11.  

There was 1,285 (79 per cent) cases who were not vaccinated at all, with 342 of those children aged under 12 who are not able to be vaccinated (making up 21 per cent of the outbreak). 

Of the 158 hospitalisations, non-vaccinated people made up 129 (81.6 per cent), with five of those hospitalised children under 12. 

Only four per cent (66) of those in the outbreak were fully immunised (both Covid-19 vaccine doses for at least 14 days), and three fully immunised people were hospitalised (1.9 per cent). 

There was 112 people who had just one dose in less than two weeks since getting Covid and 15 of those were hospitalised, while 135 people had one dose for longer than two weeks and 10 of those were hospitalised. 

Twenty-four people had both their vaccines but had their second dose within two weeks of getting Covid, and one of them was hospitalised. 

Nineteen people in this outbreak were admitted to the intensive care unit. One of those was a person aged under 19, three were aged between 20-39, seven were aged 40-59 and the other eight were 60-79. 

It showed Covid disproportionally impacted children in this outbreak.

Sixty per cent of the cases were aged under 30. Of that, 286 of the cases (17.2 per cent) were aged under 10. 

The number of cases dropped significantly as the age rose, with 34.8 per cent of the cases aged between 30 and 59, and only 5.2 per cent of cases were aged over 60. 

In the Delta outbreak, 54.7 per cent were Pacific Peoples, 24.6 per cent were Māori, 11.7 per cent were 'European or other' and 7.3 per cent were of Asian ethnicity. 

Of the entire Covid-19 outbreak since early 2020, 'European or other' make up 37.8 per cent of cases, Pacific Peoples make up 23.9 per cent, 23.9 per cent were Asian and Māori made up 13.2 per cent.