Tauranga protesters call for Three Waters to be axed

Sam Kelway
Source: 1News

About 60 people have gathered on Monday outside the Tauranga City Council building protesting the Government’s Three Waters Reform Programme. 

The small but vocal crowd, armed with air horns and placards are vehemently opposed to what they call “money being stolen here today”.

One man took aim at the media, hurling abuse and expletives at those covering the protest.

But others in the group said he wasn’t part of what they were hoping to achieve. 

Many of the signs referenced the four commissioners, who replaced the council, and who were appointed by Nanaia Mahuta.

Some of the placards read “Liebour… hands of our water” and “Marhooter hands of our water”.

Meanwhile, the commissioners say the three waters reform “offers an opportunity to create an effective delivery model," but they have identified a number of issues.

Including opportunities to provide feedback on the reforms, protecting water assets against privatisation and the impact of the reforms on stormwater.