Good Sorts: The Taumaranui tourist operator who stepped up to help a stranger in need

Source: 1News

Tonight’s Good Sort is a tourist operator in Taumarunui who stepped up to help a stranger in need.

Ian Balme, who runs Forgotten World Adventures, made the Cruickshank family’s life a whole lot better - by paying for the device which keeps little Theo alive.

The five-year-old has had four open heart surgeries after being diagnosed with a “complex congenital heart defect” in the womb, his mum Lauren explains.

His nebuliser, which helps disperse his medication, was loud, clunky and always connected to a power socket, meaning he couldn’t play with his Legos or watch TV.

Theo has since received a new $1500 nebuliser with all the bells and whistles after Lauren reached out to the community for help.

“Sitting down and writing the email was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done,” she said.

She wrote to local businesses - and a tourist attraction answered.

Balme paid for the device in full after revealing that he, too, had a family member "facing quite a similar situation".

“It was pretty logical for us to be able to help you, seeing as you’re part of our community,” he said.