Lost girl reunited with parents thanks to school safety programme

Source: 1 NEWS

A lost girl has been reunited with her parents thanks to a police safety programme at school.

Six-year-old Sophie and her cousin got lost after cycling ahead of her parents and missing a turnoff, police said on Thursday on Facebook.

Luckily, Sophie knew exactly what to do after having just gone thorugh the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme at school.

Sophie had learned her father's cell phone number after listening to Constable Bryan's advice. She was then able to ask someone for help so her parents could find her.

She sent a homemade card to the constable to thank him for his timely advice.

"Thank you for teaching me that I should learn my dad's phone number," the card read.

"It was helpful when I lost my parents the other day. I really hope you are going OK in lockdown."

It was accompanied by a drawing of Sophie and the constable.

"Sophie, we are so glad that you are safe and are so proud of you," police said in reply.